Dirty dancing…

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Madness is seething in his brain while the enchanting lady body, with perfect-proportioned forms, is playing dirty moves intended to fizzle him, seducing every atom of his structure on the slow motion tune running in the background.

It`s about enduring the bounce, reaching the sense of passion, demonstrating the irresistible gentleness of the fingers laying on the skin, a soft and magical ravishing touch… it`s sensitive, about exploring and discovering…

Eyes striving after the skin underlying the flexible fabric of the shirt, developing a pleasurable obsession for prolific parts of the breathtaking body which is amazingly appealing dancing in front of them..

Masterful hands lascivious lay down the waist, guiding meaningful moves of harmonious hips to synchronize with the slow, sexy song … every ten seconds this is culminating with focussed, open legs that close fading in the guitar solo…

Long hair waving by the melodious strings, casting sensational freshness on everything around, like there was hiding the quintessential of sensual youthness, and now that it`s being discovered, it`s filling all the room with light bursts from every wave of the lofty hair.

In the rhythm of a dirty dance she turns around with a wicked sight looking straight in his wondered eyes, as she is slowly lowering the mesmerizing chest, reaching the floor with the long, thin, dame hands, letting everyone to know what „heavenly” and „radiating” really stands for… just looking to those graceful, long and surprinsingly straight legs arising…

Pulling she`s ass upper and upper and moving it with obscene dinamics, instantly turns to be the most inviting gesture, emiting naughty-magnetic charisma and inhibiting even the candles, making them to flicker, diffusing more the already pale light.

Suddenly, the man`s captivated phiz and flaming eyes break into dazed face, putting on rout the beautiful, excited chassis and making her to whisper uncertainly… „it`s everything all right?”, then a manly, tranquil voice… „Woman, you`re just incredible tonight!”.

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  1. Chrisa said,

    Domnisoara, vedeti ca aveti un premiu de ridicat de pe blogul meu.

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